The topics of the conference are:

  • Bitumen, modified bitumen, bituminous emulsions.
  • Aggregates for unbound layers
  • Aggregates for asphalt mixtures
  • Subgrade and subgrade materials
  • Hot and cold asphalt mixtures (design, construction, testing, performance)
  • New methods and technologies for pavement design and construction in highways and airports
  • Maintenance, rehabilitation and stengthening of highway and airport pavements
  • Pavement surface characteristics (evenness, skid resistance, etc.)
  • Non-destructive methods for structural assessment and characteristics of pavements
  • Prediction models of pavement performance
  • Pavement recycling and alternative construction materials
  • Use of geotextiles in road construction and pavement maintenance
  • Safety at works and effects of roadworks to the environment
  • Highway and airport management systems, pavement management systems and network operation systems.
  • Street furniture, road marking materials and road safety
  • Sustainability and energy considerations of bituminous mixtures and pavements